While I will hopefully soon finally write my blog on NPR, here is a 13sec video of the hood I live in. Columbia Heights has been a rough spot in the city – and still is in parts, considering a 9 year old was shot in his appartment last week, followed by two police cars on every street corner in a 10 block area and a helicopter with a spotlight circling for hours. In the last year(s) it has progressed to an up-and-coming spot that will not be affordable in two years from now. I guess it’s influenced by Mt. Pleasant that was a hippster spot and those who couldn’t afford Mt. Pleasant used CH as an overflow area.  Pizzarias, Cafes and Bars came and 16th Street got a make over. The Highland360 Appartment complex, with Five Guys  (yumm) and Kenyon Square with Chipotle (yumm yumm)…anyways. Have a look for yourself. Amazing how one building can change the whole atmosphere of a neighborhood.

Ein Kommentar zu “Gentri-what?

  1. Clemens

    Stimmt, das hab ich mir beim Milleniumtower auch gedacht.

    Aber ich verstehe ca 15 Wörter in deinem Text nicht… Vor allem, was nepalesische Rupien mit deinem Blog zu tun haben sollen.

    Aber da du ja eh nicht reagierst, mache ich mir einfach meine eigenen Vorstellungen.


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