Elevators Rant

Seriously, what do you not get?? There’s an up button and a down button. If you want up, you press up, if you want down, you press down. No, you don’t press down if the elevator is above you and you want to send him down to you. No, you don’t press up to pull the elevator from below you on your level. It’s really not that hard. And it wastes my time and yours if you do it wrong. The elevator will stop. You won’t get on because it’ll go in the wrong direction. I will have an unnecessary break and you will catch the elevator when it’s going in the right direction for you. That’s what the buttons are for. rant over.

Ein Kommentar zu “Elevators Rant

  1. Lindsey

    Hahaha, aw jeez. People are idiots, huh?


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