Uni Success by Hofer

My university has a career center since 2007ish. You can imagine how established it is within students. And since my university has 130 majors and more than half of them are liberal arts-y, you can imagine, how useful it is.There is also Law within the majors, so when this career center offers jobs, guess who is target group no.1. Long story short, here and there, there’s the dilemma, what to do with a liberal arts degree. For law and econ there always were so called success fairs, where law-corporate Austria had tables in the lobby of the law building and students came out with a little brown piece on their noses. (1) The econ university in Vienna had the same kind of fair and the liberal arts majors of my university always peeked jealously on this success fair, so they founded the career center. They even made their own Uni Success for liberal arts majors. I’m not sure what they thought, when they signed a contract with Hofer, supporting the fair. Hofer is better – if even – known on your side of the ocean as Aldi. That’s right. It is a discount grocery store.

Your career center. Brought to you by seven/eleven.

(1) My student organization then invented the Alternative Success, where we offered NGOs space to present themselves, to show: You can do other things with law than work for a firm.

2 Kommentare zu “Uni Success by Hofer

  1. Brucki

    „with a little brown piece on their noses“ LOL!


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