Good News!

Austria lost it’s first game in the Euro Cup. Only 2 more to go and I can start reading newspapers again. The nationalism in them at the moment is unbearable.

But that really is the only good news today. It’s only the second day and I am already filled with hatred. Today I made the mistake to leave my parents apartment right after the game Austria against Croatia. The subway I needed is the one to the stadium, so there were the first loonatics. It got really annoying, when I had to change to a tram at University, where the „fan mile“ ends. The fan mile is a cagelike area on Vienna’s mainstreet the „Ring“, where guards say things like „no you can’t take your own beer in, but you can take your women in“ (guffaw, guffaw). So after the game, they finished their beers and then took the same tram I did. The end of the line, Ottaking, is a district with a lot of croatian migrants and austrian blue collars. You can imagine how much fun it was, sitting in this tram….I really don’t know why people think it is socially acceptable to sing and scream in public (transportation) just because there happens to be a game in the same country (1).
After the tram took 20 minutes for a normaly 5 minute ride, it came to a stop. The deranged assholes blocked the street further down the road and I had to walk the last stop – I should’ve done that in the first place. But not even here I was save, now the mentals walked with me, screaming and chanting, in fact, I can still hear them sitting in my living room. Now I have a 90 minute break, because the insane idiots are watching Germany v. Poland right now, but I’m sure, as soon as the game is over, they gather under my window. I don’t care who wins, btw. I just hope that both Germany and Poland don’t exhaust themselves too much, so that they can beat Austria. But chances are quite high, that this wish will be fulfilled.

I, by the way, have political reasons against the cup as well: domestic violence, rape and prostitution increase during it. That’s a fact, so knowing that: Why would politicians make an efford to get this event to their country?

There you have it. Yet another reason to hate this event: German Hools chanting Nazi slogans against Poland. Probably applauded by people in Klagenfurt, capital of the right wing.

(1) Aside from the fact, that half of the games aren’t even played in Austria but in Swizerland. People scream regardless.

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  1. Brucki

    I agree with you, the chauvinism, machismo and nationalism is disgusting!!! I can assure you that the Austrian team will loose the upcoming games – at least I hope so. But the little traffic obstruction and singing is not that huge, you should have seen me celebrating after Rapid winning the championship at Stephansplatz or Rathausplatz 🙂 Football isn’t evil, nationalism is.


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